Below is a listing of public appearances in the media and links to some articles about our non-profit.


Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

Praise 92.1

Interview with Robert “Praise Man” Washington



Joy in Your Town – KETH TBN 14

Cross Roads – KTRK ABC 13

Benny Boone Show 104.1 KRBE

Culture Map – Kids play: Houston’s Extreme Makeover sisters talk about their new house for the first time – Extreme Makeover: Home Edition brings the laughter to Houston this Sunday!enny Boone Show – KRBE 104.1

Black Voices – KRIV FOX 26

Celebration – KLTJ Daystar 22

Epitome Magazine – Role Model of the Month

Houston Chronicle – Sping/Klein/Tomball – YORCE Program

Houston Style Magazine – Houston’s First Extreme Makeover: Home Edition




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