Premarital Coaching

$125.00 60 minutes

Our online premarital coaching course will help you clearly understand what each partner hopes to achieve from the marriage. While working with e2 you’ll gain powerful tools to pursue a long, loving and healthy marriage.

  • Identify core values
  • Improve communication skills
  • Develop conflict resolution techniques
If you haven’t signed up for a free consultation, please do so before booking your first appointment.
Franklin ndeffo
Franklin N.
{This couple here… I can’t start now, because I will be typing all day! Please watch their videos. They are Peacy and my mentors and are great marriage coaches.{
Kimberly harvison
Kimberly H.
{Awesome, fun, and very informative. We use a lot that we learned and add it to our marriage!{
mystery person
Pamela A.
{Beautiful people, they are extremely kind and helpful. Love them very much.{
mystery person
Vickey N.
{Their lives are transparent. Nothing to hide. They love the Lord and truly use the gift that He has given them to be a blessing to the body of Christ as well to the community restoring broken families.{
So, you’re getting married! Let’s strengthen your foundation in preparation for your dream marriage.