Relationship Coaching

$125.00 60 minutes

Conflicts are part of every relationship. However, conflicts don’t have to be hurtful. With our coaching, conflicts will bring you closer when handled with emotional maturity and respect. e2 will teach you how to lay a solid foundation for the years to come.

If you haven’t signed up for a free consultation, please do so before booking your first appointment.
Franklin ndeffo
Franklin N.
{This couple here… I can’t start now, because I will be typing all day! Please watch their videos. They are Peacy and my mentors and are great marriage coaches.{
Kimberly harvison
Kimberly H.
{Awesome, fun, and very informative. We use a lot that we learned and add it to our marriage!{
mystery person
Pamela A.
{Beautiful people, they are extremely kind and helpful. Love them very much.{
mystery person
Vickey N.
{Their lives are transparent. Nothing to hide. They love the Lord and truly use the gift that He has given them to be a blessing to the body of Christ as well to the community restoring broken families.{

So, you want this relationship to work? Let’s get started! Let’s discover your strengths and weaknesses so we can build together!