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“Promoting a positive relationship culture within our communities”


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“Promoting a positive relationship culture within our communities”

Eric & Elaine are a husband and wife coaching team specializing in personal and professional relationships. Twenty-six years of marriage and six children later, through experience, observation, and research we are driven to share the wealth of proven principles to enrich the lives of our fellow man.


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We all have places in our life where we are blocked. Working together, we will identify those blocks and find ways for you to overcome them.

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Life is full of opportunities, and it is our job to help you figure out which opportunities to take advantage of in order to live the love and life you want.

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When you choose to live a dream, you need a plan to make it come true. Once you have a plan, a coach will help you stick to it and get around any obstacles.

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By building a relationship with our clients, we can help you stay motivated and on-task, helping you move toward your long-term far-reaching goals.

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The Coronavirus is here and is wreaking havoc on relationships. Here is a series to help you make it through this pandemic.


Eric and Elaine’s take on addressing tough (seemingly) unrecoverable issues in marriage.

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With e2, we live by the principle that there is no success in separation. As a nation of people, we need tools and strategies, but more importantly, we need relationships! And trust us, conflict and relationship issues do not discriminate. At some point, every relationship faces conflict, regardless of race, nationality, economic background, or religion. But let’s face it, Black couples are at a considerable disadvantage due to a myriad of reasons and stressors that must not remain unaddressed. Statistics prove a persistent problem and a growing concern for the Black family, especially our Black youth.

We have asked our community partners and supporters to rally behind this effort to address the need for services to the growing number of families and relationships that are disproportionately affected because they simply cannot afford coaching/therapy services. Reminding us that we cannot change what we will not acknowledge and that we are more powerful together than apart.

Therefore, we have launched, the Black Love Matters campaign.

e2 empowers and gives authority to each relationship, making you the expert. We simply show you how to achieve that result practically. The atmosphere has been primed for your success and heart-centered strategists walk with you. Together, we collaborate our way to success so come prepared to contribute and receive!

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