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We are excited to meet you and put you and your significant other on a path to a better life together. Schedule a counseling consultation or call us at (832) 626-7947. You can also fill out our contact form if you have any questions before your consultation. Be sure to also check out our blog and follow us on YouTube for routinely updated insight and inspiration.

Franklin ndeffo
{This couple here… I can’t start now, because I will be typing all day! Please watch their videos. They are Peacy and my mentors and are great marriage coaches.{
Franklin N.
Kimberly harvison
{Awesome, fun, and very informative. We use a lot that we learned and add it to our marriage!{
Kimberly H.
mystery person
{Beautiful people, they are extremely kind and helpful. Love them very much.{
Pamela A.
mystery person
{Their lives are transparent. Nothing to hide. They love the Lord and truly use the gift that He has given them to be a blessing to the body of Christ as well to the community restoring broken families.{
Vickey N.