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Eric & Elaine offer professionally certified Atlanta couples counseling. It’s time to take your relationship (and goals) to the next level! If you want to succeed at anything in life, you need a solid plan. Relationships are no different. We’ll help you thrive as a couple using proven techniques that have been refined over our last 25 years of marriage.

What Do We Offer in Atlanta Couples Counseling for Black Couples?

We’re proud to have helped so many black couples achieve their goals… together. Eric & Elaine enjoy providing black couples counseling in Atlanta, GA, in-person and online. Here are some of the main ways we can help you keep difficulties from becoming intractable problems:

  1. We Support You on Your Journey: What would you do as a couple if you knew, for certain, you could achieve it?>
  1. Professionalism + Experience: We’re professionally certified with almost three decades of experience.
  1. Big (and little) Steps: Together, we’ll create the main goals for you, as a couple, and we’ll break it all down into manageable steps.

We’re here for one reason: to give you the tools necessary to massively succeed as a couple with couples coaching

Atlanta couples counseling & relationship coaching

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How & Why Do Couples Succeed?

It’s necessary to create a clear roadmap so you know if you’re ever “off-course.” There’s so much to gain from our black couples Coaching in Atlanta, GA, and it’s even more powerful than when we started 25 years ago!

Here are some ways we help couples succeed:

  • Define and utilize healthy communication.
  • Write it down: individual and couple’s goal setting.
  • Clearly define your financial goals.
  • How to argue in the right way.
  • How to support each other through thick and through thin.

Eric & Elaine will help your relationship reach its maximum potential. We enjoy providing the best in black couples coaching in Atlanta, GA.

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We’re here to help you succeed and live your best life. Please give us a call at (832) 626-7947 with any questions about Atlanta couples counseling for black couples.  You can also schedule a consultation online for your Atlanta couples counseling consultation.