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Finding top-quality Atlanta Marriage Counseling just got a lot easier thanks to the dynamic team of Eric & Elaine. Backed by over two decades of experience gained through their own successful marriage, they’ve built a life of love, mutual respect and happiness and are ready to deliver top-rated Atlanta marriage counseling for black couples today.

Would you like to learn how to communicate more effectively, to resolve conflict in your partnership or would you like to start building a foundation of trust and mutual respect today? If so, reach out and speak with Eric & Elaine right away to start working toward the passionate, sincere and honest relationship you deserve.

Why Premarital Counseling in Atlanta, GA?

Successful relationships do not just happen overnight. They require time, commitment, hard work, communication and so much more. Eric & Elaine understand the components of a healthy, results-focused marriage. That is why they are the go-to team of Atlanta marriage counseling for black couples. Couples of all ages across the nation, connect with them for a wide range of services including:

  • Relationship goal setting
  • Effective and loving communication strategies
  • Responsible fatherhood training
  • Positive conflict resolution and more

Speak with our experienced and certified, faith-based marriage counselors in Atlanta, GA, to learn more about setting your partnership on a path to bliss. Eric & Elaine offers a wide range of flexible sessions including:


Atlanta marriage counseling & couples couaching

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Ready to get started? Now is the time to get your partnership moving in the right direction. Learn the best practices and effective strategies you need to bring love, compassion and life into your relationships. Start building the union of your dreams today!

Reach out and introduce yourself to Eric & Elaine today to discuss the full range of services they offer. Start the conversation today on improving your relationships by calling (832) 626-7947, or by completing a contact form on our website,