Houston Marriage Counseling Near You & Couples Coaching

Rebuild Your Relationship With Houston Marriage Counseling!

Do you need relationship help and are you ready to start setting relationship goals?

Eric & Elaine offer expert, faith-based Houston marriage counseling that will give you the tools you need for passion and resilience. We help you with effective communication that will strengthen your relationship and clarify your relationship goals as a couple.

Learn To Love Again With Houston Marriage Counseling Near You

Eric & Elaine want you to be successful at everything in your life – including your marriage. Let’s face it: If your marriage isn’t set up to succeed it could have a negative impact on everything from your work life to your long-term health. However, the great news is that over the last 25 years of our marriage, we’ve learned valuable and effective techniques for couples of all ages.

Houston marriage counseling near you & couples coaching

Expert Houston marriage counseling is the best gift you could give yourselves! We offer exceptional Houston marriage counseling for black couples and the following educational formats:

  • Individual Sessions
  • Live and Virtual Group Events
  • Mentorship

If you want to take control and plan for your future as a couple, you need a clear plan. You’ll be surprised at how much wind this puts in the sails of your relationship! Relationship success is the result of clear communication and being on the same page as a team.

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The Coronavirus is here and is wreaking havoc on relationships. Here is a series to help you make it through this pandemic.


Eric and Elaine’s take on addressing tough (seemingly) unrecoverable issues in marriage.

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What Can We Do for You?

Eric and Elaine provide experienced Houston marriage counseling and online couples coacing. They’ll teach you how to make your relationship thrive through the years and have a vast history of client success and know which techniques work best. Furthermore, they’re excited about your relationship reaching its full potential. Imagine what you can accomplish when your forces are truly aligned.

Here are principles we emphasize as certified couples counselors in Houston, TX:

  1. Live Your Dream: Together, we’ll make a road map that ensures your success.
  2. Be the Best You Can Be: Learn how to clearly identify opportunities and execute.
  3. Remove Obstacles: There will always be obstacles. We show you how to overcome them.

We’ve seen so many couples reach extraordinary goals over the decades and it makes us more motivated to help others than ever before!

Locating insightful and effective Houston Marriage Counseling near you just got a lot easier thanks to the relationship experts, Eric & Elaine! Together, they’ve built a loving family and a strong partnership and are ready to share their secrets to help you achieve your personal relationship goals. Connect with us today to learn more about our exciting range of programs and get the relationship help you need today!

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