Washington D.C. Marriage Counseling & Couples Coaching

Rebuild Your Relationship With Washington D.C. Marriage Counseling!

Do you need relationship help and are you ready to start setting relationship goals?

Eric & Elaine offer expert, faith-based Washington D.C. marriage counseling that will give you the tools you need for passion and resilience. We help you with effective communication that will strengthen your relationship and clarify your relationship goals as a couple.

Let’s face the facts Washington D.C. Marriage Counseling isn’t an easy endeavor. To make a marriage not only work, but thrive, and serve as a fulfilling part of each partner’s life, requires hard work, dedication and trust. That is why our celebrated faith-based, counseling team of Eric & Elaine are passionate about delivering results-focused Washington D.C. marriage counseling.

Build Deeper Personal Connections with Our Washington D.C. Marriage Counseling for Black Couples

Building a life together, mutually growing and having the strength to get through hard times in your relationship is an essential part of living a happy, fulfilling life. At Eric & Elaine, we take the time to get to know our clients to set them on the right path to grow as individuals and as couples.

As premier Washington D.C. marriage coaches for black couples, we believe in going above and beyond to help build a roadmap to reach success. That is why we offer mentoring and couples coaching programs designed to:

  • Focus on personal success
  • Work together to unlock your goals
  • Break down the obstacles standing in your way to happiness
  • Collaborate to help you find a healthier lifestyle
  • Unlock new and exciting opportunities
  • Prioritize communication and partnership
  • Live a life full of abundant love

As successful marriage coaches in Washington D.C., we understand that there is no single path to success and that every relationship brings unique challenges. Our personalized programs are fully tailored to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Let’s connect today and chat about how we can best help you live the life you deserve.

Washington d. C. Marriage counseling &-couples coaching

Latest Washington D.C. Marriage Counseling Videos


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Eric and Elaine’s take on addressing tough (seemingly) unrecoverable issues in marriage.

Start Living Today!

There Is No Better Time Than Today to Begin Marriage Counseling in Washington D.C.

Let’s get started today. Give us a call at (832) 626-7947 or connect with us online at ericandelaine.com and set up your introductory appointment. Trust our 25 years of experience and advanced counseling techniques to help you reach a deeper, more positive love in your life and in your relationship. We look forward to hearing from you and demonstrating why we are the best choice for faith-based marriage coaches in Washington D.C.

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